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Beating a Drug Addiction – Like an Olympic Champion

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Trois-Rivières, Québec; over a decade has passed since this drug addicted fellow has started to hide his addiction from his loved ones. Taking potent drugs like Oxycontin every day to get high is not something he wanted to share with his wife or his teenage daughter.

Vancouver, Canada; four days into the 2010 Winter Olympic games, the athletes from Canada have won 5 medals, placing their country in the fourth position of the number of medals won, just behind France.

While the Vancouver Olympic games are being played amongst 2600 athletes, attended by over 2.3 million attendees, enjoyed and talked about by many more, there is another type of competition which is going on not only in Vancouver but around the world. This is a battle involving too many participants and to which no one would bother to pay tickets to see – the struggle between substance addiction and drug-free life.

Not unlike an athlete who trains for several years to finally place to compete at the Olympics and achieve the ultimate gold, it takes an unshakeable determination to achieve a drug-free life for a person who is battling drug addiction.

A new proud winner has just celebrated his one year clean victory after having defeated his decade long Oxycontin addiction with the help of the Narconon Program at Trois-Rivières, Canada.  For his one-year drug-free anniversary victory lap, Cliff Van Rossum insisted to fly all the way from Vancouver to attend the weekly Narconon Trois-Rivières graduation. “Wow! One year. It’s been a struggle, I did it though, and I’m sure all of you guys can do the same thing,” Cliff told the students currently enrolled on the drug rehab program. He added, “Today is a big day for me, I wanted to come here for this because it meant so much for me. Narconon has saved my life.”

Narconon Trois-Rivières has prepared a short video featuring Cliff at the podium for his one year clean win and it can be watched by all drug-free life fans and supporters on the youtube channel “narconon3r”.

Many more people are still fighting the battle, but assistance is available to bring about the ultimate victory, just dial 1-877-782-7409.

Written by Nick Hayes

February 17th, 2010 at 1:21 pm